Christina Ott | Beautiful Ends: Woven Willow


Christina Ott l Beautiful Ends: Woven Willow
Location: Dialogue 38, 865 Dundas St. W.

Christina Ott is a Toronto-based artist/designer. She holds a B.A. from McGill University and a B.I.D. from Ryerson University and is the principal of crow art design build inc. which she started in 2010. Christina’s own work has been displayed at Come Up To My Room, the A+D museum in Los Angeles and MADE. She has permanent work installed at 2968 Dundas Street West, Edmond Place, the Daniels Lightbox and 40 Oaks TCRC building in Toronto. In 2013 she participated in the Stellar Living Auction for the Mercer Union. Her studio crow art design build primarily works with the design community to create one of a kind art installations for hotels, restaurants and retail spaces around the world. Completed projects include work at the Four Seasons Toronto, the Waldorf Astoria Beijing, and the Four Seasons Shanghai.

Beautiful Ends: Woven Willow is fabricated out of scraps of cotton paper, ends from the reams of paper Christina goes through at crow, and a screen print of a cross section of a willow branch from a completed commercial project. Whenever possible, Christina tries to create things out of leftovers or discards in her personal art, and here has made a beautiful object out of scraps and project ends. The idea for this project came from the association of the willow overlaid onto something woven, as willow is a species of wood that is often used for weaving.