the National Design Collective (the NDC)

NDC_Focithe National Design Collective – Foci, Ash, walnut, brass, lighting socket, painted plywood circles

Ervaneria Victoria Inc. – 920 Dundas St. W.

The National Design Collective is a venue for new classic design. Our mission is to spread great design that will last – products that are true to materials, and are functional, clever, and simple. Founded by Scott Bodaly and Heather Lam, the NDC began as a result of excessive creative energy and object curiosity. The NDC values local production, the ability to consult with craftspeople, and the pursuit of an intimate understanding of the manufacturing processes.

The Foci Light is a new pendant lamp that allows three different light diffusions from just one source. A piercing solid brass rod acts as the control and allows the user to adjust the lighting quality. The words “FOCUS” and “ON WHAT MATTERS” appear as a shadow cast by the two hanging lights, meant to encourage users to maintain clear vision.