Peter Queckenstedt & Ryan Wilding

PeterQuickenstadtPeter Queckenstedt and Ryan Wilding – Tensegrity Sculpture, Recycled skateboards, steel screws, paracord

Blue Tile Lounge – 822 Dundas St. W.

Peter and Ryan both studied industrial design at Humber College and have been designing and producing for commercial, private, and artistic purposes since 2005.

Tensegrity is a structural concept invented by Kenneth Snelson in the mid-twentieth century.  It consists of stick-like objects held in place by cords under tension.  Tensegrity structures provide a balance of rigidity and springiness without losing integrity.  A notable feature is that no two rigid members ever touch, they are held in space entirely by cords which in turn are fastened only to the rigid members.  This sculpture was made to showcase the ideas of upcycling by using discarded skateboards as raw material which provided high quality wood composite for the rigid portions.  This tensegrity structure was originally shown at the Oasis Skateboard Factory Pop-up Shop in January 2014 as part of TODO14.